I've been drawing since I was teenager. However, I started painting and have turned my passion into an art career right after I decided to change my life and sold my .Com company in 2012 as a life changing moment in my own reality!


My perfectionist character led me not only to become a self taught artist but also pushed me to study at different sources such as online courses, academies in the US and Russia in order to learn directly from a leading figurative artists.


I attended diploma courses and workshops at Florence Academy of Art - New York, Art Students League of New York, Ilya Repin St Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and Mustafa Ozel Atelier in Turkey. I am still studying MFA in Plastic Arts at a leading university in Istanbul.

I attended online courses such as; Modern Art and Ideas course at MOMA and Sexing the Canvas: Art and Gender at University of Melbourne


You may also find the group and solo exhibitions I participated by clicking on link

In addition to painting I've worked as the stage designer of three different theatrical plays held in Istanbul which are Gabriel Garcia Lorca's "Blood Wedding" and two Turkish plays called "Dear Suicide" in 2014, "Ballad of Ali of Kesan Musical" in 2015. 

I feel so lucky because I've lived, worked and painted in four inspiring art cities, New York, London, Istanbul and St. Petersburg. 

I am resided both in Istanbul and New York

I am interested in quantum consciousness, parallel worlds, dreams, religion and political issues by combining contemporary figurative art, middle eastern miniatures and modern era art in my art works.“” 

Cankat Kalyoncu
"Life is an illusion of our reality"